Data Collection

Nationwide Data Collection With regular surveys in Auckland, Whangarei, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, Queenstown & even Fiji, we'll come to you!

Long-Term / Network-Wide

Understand your traffic flows on an unprecedented level by utilizing our experience in delivering high quality long-term, network-wide monitoring projects, reliably.

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Intersection Counts

We offer nationwide traffic counting services designed to help you assess & analyse traffic, pedestrian and cyclist activities across the full spectrum of our transportation network.

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Pedestrian Tracking

Track pedestrian movements throughout a town centre or shared area.

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Cyclist Monitoring

TEAM is a market leader in this booming sector - gain insights never before available on cyclist movements and utilisation!

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Origin → Destination

Work out demand by assessing where people depart from and arrive at...

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Parking Surveys

How do you make sure your parking areas are performing as well as they should be? You call TEAM for an parking space occupancy survey or a duration of stay survey.

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Travel Time Studies

Accurately monitor travel times for corridor management and multi-modal comparisons.

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Gap / Delay Analysis

Precision timing and comprehensive data is exactly what you can expect from TEAM.

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Speed Measurements

Accurate speed measurements and analysis to help you fully understand the operation of an area.

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Interview Surveys

TEAM helps you get the answers to the difficult questions. Our professional, friendly staff can conduct on-site interview surveys targeting your exact demographic.

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Traffic Flow Counts

When you need to understand the detailed operational characteristics of the roading network, trust TEAM to deliver!

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Queue Surveys

Highly accurate queue measurements and queue-composition observations.

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Vehicle Occupancy Studies

Get the big picture on travel patterns We offer a range of vehicle occupancy options, including on-board monitoring.

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Video Collection

Expert video collection from the professionals. Why risk missing a single observation when you have the most comprehensive range of video technology available from TEAM?

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To facilitate the on-going accuracy of our work, TEAM Traffic has significant in-house data collection & traffic surveying capabilities. Never before have you been able to source such high quality reliable data with fast turn-around & friendly service.

We utilise the latest technology in our day-to-day operations which gives us unprecedented control over our work-flow, data quality & more.

TEAM is an instrumental part of any collection process and have successfully undertaken many high-profile contracts for local authorities & clients of all sizes.