Travel Times
Travel Time Studies

Useful for co-ordinating signal timings and managing arterial roading corridors, our travel time studies give you highly detailed and valuable data.

Furthermore, we can offer multi-modal studies - so you can make comprehensive comparisons.

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Methods Available

Bluetooth / WiFi

Utilising high-tech technology to track smartphones, our Bluetooth / WiFi scanning gives you a large amount of encrypted data over a longer period.

Long-term deployment available

High sample rate (up to 50%)

No uniquely identifiable data collected


Our computerised number plate recognition system makes light work of collecting the most amount of data possible, making it unparalleled for accuracy & precision.

Suitable for shorter term deployments

Very high sample rate (~96%)

Low-light cameras available for night-time

GPS Tracking

Incredibly accurate in-car satellite tracking technology that collects thousands of data points for individual trips.

Floating / probe car

Accurate positioning

High frequency updates