Origin → Destination

Whether you need to know where people enter a corridor (or an entire city) we make it easy to get the information you need for your model or area study.

We'll collect the data & post-process it according to your specifications.

Need data in tiny time-scales? Done.
Have a certain combination of cordons or screenlines? Can do.

Methods Available

Bluetooth / WiFi

Utilising high-tech technology to track smartphones, our Bluetooth / WiFi scanning gives you a large amount of encrypted data over a longer period.

Long-term deployment available

High sample rate (up to 50%)

No uniquely identifiable data collected


Our computerised number plate recognition system makes light work of collecting the most amount of data possible, making it unparalleled for accuracy & precision.

Suitable for shorter term deployments

Very high sample rate (~96%)

Low-light cameras available for night-time

Tablet Questionnaire

Get an idea of how your commuters behave by having our experienced staff ask them a few simple questions.

Get answers to any question

Geo-location available

Advanced data analytics

Manual Counting

When you need the human touch, we provide manual counting services either on-site or via video.

Count vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists & more!

Customised counts to suit your needs

High precision