Long-Term / Network-Wide

Understanding the day-to-day operations of a road network isn't always easy.

With TEAM's experience behind you, you'll be able to effortlessly build a larger network picture which you can use to monitor growth rates, locate high-demand areas and learn about your road-users on an unprecedented level.

Our scale delivery team is always on-hand to hear about any extended projects you might have.

Methods Available

Tube Counters

Proven & reliable tube technology allows counting, classification & speed measurement of traffic.

Counts vehicles & cyclists

Measure vehicle speeds

Classify vehicle types

Radar Technology

An emerging technology which is poised to reduce the complexity and maintenance required for high volume (or long term) tube and loop sites.

No components on the road surface

Measure volumes and speeds

Classify vehicle types by measured lengths

Bluetooth / WiFi

Utilising high-tech technology to track smartphones, our Bluetooth / WiFi scanning gives you a large amount of encrypted data over a longer period.

Long-term deployment available

High sample rate (up to 50%)

No uniquely identifiable data collected

Machine Vision

High accuracy computerised counting, suitable for high volume & long duration counts where alternative methods would be cost prohibitive.

Count vehicles, pedestrians & cyclists

Suitable for long duration studies

High accuracy

Desire Line Tracking

TEAM's powerful in-house desire line tracking means you get an unprecedented look into pedestrian movements - without the need for staff to be present on-site.

Disruption free (no behavioural changes)

Geo-spatially encoded & type classified

Complex O/D Matrices available

Manual Counting

When you need the human touch, we provide manual counting services either on-site or via video.

Count vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists & more!

Customised counts to suit your needs

High precision