Speed Measurements

Road safety is paramount.

Trusting drivers to follow the speed limit is not enough. You need to get proactive and understand what is happening.

That's why we've developed & use a wide range of technologies to know exactly how fast traffic is travelling.

We have experience. Call us today - our results speak for themselves.

Methods Available

Tube Counters

Proven & reliable tube technology allows counting, classification & speed measurement of traffic.

Counts vehicles & cyclists

Measure vehicle speeds

Classify vehicle types

Loop Detectors

Harnessing the power of induction, Loop counters can be embedded into the road surface for long term installations.

Volumes, Speeds & Classifications

Unobtrusive to drivers

Suits long-term / permanent deployments

Radar Technology

An emerging technology which is poised to reduce the complexity and maintenance required for high volume (or long term) tube and loop sites.

No components on the road surface

Measure volumes and speeds

Classify vehicle types by measured lengths

Laser Speed Gun

The way the police do it - laser speed gun for super-accurate measurement of vehicle speeds. Certified by the New Zealand Police for enforcement purposes.

Highly accurate

Measures across long distances

Provides speed & distance