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Our Services Include

Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering is at the core of our business.

Regardless of the scale or complexity of your project, TEAM can provide the traffic-related resource consent & development expertise to suit your needs, including:

  • Statements of Evidence
  • Integrated Transport Assessments (ITA)
  • Traffic Impact Assessments (TIA)

Resolutions NEW

If you need to make changes to traffic and parking controls on sensitive roads, you'll need to follow a formal process to legalise the changes.

Resolutions require a unique and detailed understanding of the technical aspects of traffic & parking controls in order to prepare the resolution report and drawings. TEAM can handle this process for you and be your trusted liason between council authorities and the general public.

Road Safety

At TEAM we are able to provide you with our in-house expertise in a wide range of Road Safety matters including:

  • Road Safety Audits & Peer Reviews
  • Crash Reduction Studies
  • Crash Analysis

Vehicle Tracking

TEAM are the foremost experts in the field of truck and vehicle off-tracking.

We use world leading vehicle simulation software and have nationally-recognised experience developing & calibrating vehicle models for complicated / unorthodox vehicles, as well as informing the development of vehicle regulations.

Parking Layout & Access Design

We have extensive experience in the design and optimisation of parking lots, under-croft / basement parking and parking buildings.

Our flexible design solutions can integrate the various modes of traffic that a modern parking facility needs to accommodate, including: accessible users, cyclists, motorbikes, electric & smart vehicles.

Signals / Intersection Design

TEAM has experienced intersection design engineers. Our expertise also covers signal hardware & SCATS.

  • Modelling of Signalised / Priority Controlled Intersections
  • Conceptual & Detailed Design of Intersections
  • Technical services for SCATS system

Travel Demand Management

TEAM can prepare a Travel Demand Management Plan that can combine transport modes, demands, infrastructure and planning tools to reduce the traffic impact of your development or land use.

Traffic Monitoring

With the benefit of our in-house surveying facilities, we can provide a comprehensive solution to your next project that requires traffic monitoring - including data collection, expert analysis and in-depth reporting.


Engineering Studies & Research

TEAM has an on-going commitment to research & development.

This in-house R&D has resulted in unique technologies and bespoke solutions being developed for collection of data associated with cycle, pedestrian and traffic activity

Due Diligence & Scoping

Traffic issues can often be the significant factors in due dilligence assessments.

TEAM can provide traffic engineering advice to allow you to assess the potential risks & evaluate your choices before making commitments.

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Land UseWe handle a variety of land use activities including:

Housing / Residential
Commercial / Retail
Town Centre Revitalisations
Shared Spaces
Industrial Areas
Rural Production
Medical Facilities
Educational Campuses
Recreational Developments
Entertainment Services
Sporting Centres
Maritime Activities
Cultural / Religious Venues
Energy + Infrastructure

...and more!

At TEAM we provide a multitude of services and advice in the area of transportation planning and traffic engineering.

In this dynamic and rapidly growing environment, we strive to provide robust engineering solutions that will promote sound engineering outcomes.

With a wealth of combined industry experience, TEAM's senior staff are recognised experts in the field of transportation & traffic engineering. We are regularly called upon to present expert evidence before Council hearings and the Environment Court.